One of the big decisions I had to take when creating this blog - the choice of blogging platform. Wordpress vs Ghost...

Winner: Ghost!

Wordpress was an obvious choice for me since I've worked a lot on Wordpress before and I can find my way through any issue I face there. But the frontend developer in me just wouldn't let go :-| Being a JavaScript developer and a big fan of NodeJS, I couldn't resist the temptation.

Then, I started reading comparisons between Ghost and Wordpress.

Ghost is Among Us, Now What?

Is Ghost Really a WordPress Killer

Ghost versus Wordpress

The gist of everything was simple. Ghost is really in its early stages (0.3 to be precise) and Wordpress and grown a lot in the past 10 years and not just used for blogging anymore. Ghost has been built keeping in mind the simplicity required to just write on the web! It's simple and fast. It's growing and it now has its own marketplace where devs can contribute plugins and themes. It's made to be extensible and flexible.

"I see the future of Wordpress as a Web Operating System"
- Matt Mullenweg

Ghost uses SQLite3 instead of MySQL. Since it's just static blog content - much doesn't have to be in place in terms of performance and optimizations. The choice is really interesting. SQLite3 is a flat-file based DB system. It's meant to be mobile and when taking a backup or so - the database just backs up with your code.

“After years of frustration building blogs with existing solutions, he (John O'Nolan) wrote a concept for a fictional platform that would be once more about online publishing rather than building complex websites.”
- Ghost blog

It's still early days and I'm still crawling my way through a lot of stuff in Ghost. I'm sure it will get better by the day with future updates. And I do hope Ghost never loses it's essence and goes on to become the best blogging platform!

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